McDVOICE Questionnaire

Do you love enjoying meals at McDonald’s? How often do you visit the McDonald’s? What food do you love most at McDonald’s? McDonald’s is eager to get all the answers to these questions from the customers. This is the reason they have launched the McDVOICE Survey on the online portal of the McDonald’s.

You can be a part of this customer satisfaction survey and make sure that your next meals are for free on the premises of the McDonald’s. Your each and every feedback in this survey helps the McDonald’s to improve themselves.

We have discussed each and every participation step and the eligibility criteria of the McDVOICE Survey in the article.

McDVOICE Questionnaire

You must be wondering what are the questions included in the McDVOICE Survey. McDVOICE questionnaire consists of the questions purely based on your last visit to the McDonald’s. Have a look at some of the McDVOICE Survey questions below:

  • Is the maintenance level of the McDonald’s store good?
  • What was the time taken to serve your order?
  • What do you think about McDVOICE rewards?
  • Are you satisfied with the quality of food served at McDonald’s?
  • Is McDonald’s store clean?
  • How was the staff-behavior at McDonald’s?

McDonald’s started its journey as a Hamburger chain in the early 20th century, is accompanied by an interesting history. It was the year 1940, two gentlemen Richard Mcdonald and Maurice McDonald established a fast food restaurant in California USA.

They began as one of the small fast-food restaurants and today it is the world’s second-largest fast-food restaurant. McDVOICE serves more than 90 million people every day in more than 121 countries.

McDVOICE has established itself in more than 121 countries. People just love enjoying the meals at the premises of the McDonald’s.McDVOICE Survey has been loved by the people in the United States and Canada.